Quilt Preparation

Sunflower-LoopsYou worked hard on piecing your quilt, so please take the time follow the below guidelines when submitting your quilt top for quilting on a longarm.

  • Back: Allow an extra 4 to 6 inches on all sides beyond the quilt top. Backs that are smaller or the same size as the top will not be accepted.
  • Do not baste (with pins or thread) your quilt or sandwich your quilt.
  • Identify the top/head of your quilt top and quilt back, with a small paper pinned to the fabric.
  • Square your quilt top and quilt back ($12 charge to square either). Make sure your piecing/borders lie flat. Longarm quilting will not “fix” misaligned patchwork or uneven borders that can cause your quilt to have puckers or tucks when quilted. Your quilt will be as free of pleats, fullness or tucks as your piecing allows.
  • Press your quilt top and quilt back. Seams may be pressed to one side or pressed open.
  • Trim all loose threads, which can show under light fabric or can cause snags and uneven stitching. Loose threads from piecing will not be trimmed in the studio.
  • If you are unable to supply your own batting, it will be purchased from a local quilt shop. As with the back, allow an extra 4 to 6 inches on all sides beyond the quilt top.

Please visit the Quilting Services page for pricing.