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KC Scrappy Bee and Lovely Linen Bee blocks for Nikki

I’m so happy to be helping Nikki with a spiderweb quilt for her son. Nikki requested this block for two bees we are in together: KC Scrappy Bee and the Lovely Linen Bee. She provided us with the linen foundation, and asked that we used warm colors from our scraps. Best of all, she provided us with a great tutorial (linked below).

Strips sewn on one side of each foundation.

Strips sewn on one side of each foundation.

Strips sewn on one side of each foundation.

Strips sewn and foundations trimmed.

Nikki made this quilt in cool colors previously, and you can make your own following this excellent and detailed tutorial.


Lovely Linen Bee December block for Christina

As they should this time of year, holidays and family time took front and center, leaving my sewing machine sitting patiently in a dark studio.

As not to be too late with Christina’s block, I braved the chilly temperature of my studio and worked on improve blocks of color set in black. Christina provided all the fabric, and although I was only able to fully finish one block before running out of the black, a second block is well on its way to completion. I have the feeling it’s going to be a striking quilt with the pops of color each block features.


Lovely Linen Bee November blocks for Linda

I haven’t worked with linen, so the best way to start is to join a bee, right? I joined the Lovely Linen Bee and we agreed that the seven us would make two blocks for each beemate in the block of her choice, and we would all have 14 blocks at the end of the bee. It’s a mix of virtual and local gals in the bee and I’m excited to meet new people, learn new block patterns and work with linen.

Linda sent her linen from California and requested blocks based on the pattern Lap of Luxe by John Q. Adams of Quilt Dad, posted on the Art Gallery Fabrics site.

I went over to Nikki’s house and we did our blocks together. Essentially we made a handful of half square triangles. Thankfully Nikki did the cutting, my least favorite part. The blocks were assembled quickly, and with four together they make a nifty star.