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Vines and feathers

I took two classes at the Sewing Expo in Overland Park last week and couldn’t wait to try out the techniques Dusty Ferrell of Country Stitchin taught us. The first class was an edge-to-edge, with more backtracking that I’ve previously used. The second class was feathers, and in both classes Dusty gave us a great balance of discussion and time on the longarm.


Immediately after the first class I came home to practice the vine pattern on a luscious Ana Marie Horner voille panel. After Saturday’s feathers class I used the both the vines and feathers techniques on a customer quilt for Agnes H. Marking the spine for feathers using Dusty’s flourish ruler made a significant difference for the feathers in the quilt border. Great class, useful tools, sketching and practice, practice, practice make for fun, funky feathers.



Pieced by Agnes H.

Blue quilt by Agnes H.

This customer quilt was pieced by Agnes H. and kept on a bed as a coverlet for a number of years. I was honored to be able to quilt it for her as I really like helping others finish their quilts. Like many quilters, I’ve had the experience of working hard on a quilt top, only to leave it folded up on a shelf for a few months, or unfortunately, a few years. Finally finishing that long set aside quilt is a rewarding feeling.

I quilted feathers in the border, flowers (or clouds, as my husband insists) in the light blue solid areas, and corner-to-corner curves in the squares. Thanks to the longarm group at Quilted Memories in Overland Park for their ideas and input.



Sunflower customer quilt

I had a blast with this customer quilt. Janie M. pieced the top using Stephanie Brandenburg fabrics, and it was a joy to quilt. The bright colors, framed with black, make a striking statement. We decided upon a bright green thread that glows neon under a black light for an added bit of fun. I quilted it using a combination of leaves, double loops and free motion sunflowers. I echoed some of the flowers, and added detail to the center of the two sunflower blocks.


Side of the quilt while on the on the longarm.


Detail of the finished quilt.


Detail of the quilt back.


Sunflower framed by double loops.


Finished quilt.